French's Ingredients Sell Sheets

S571 cFrench's Ingredients Logoreated a new product folder and sell sheets to be used as a leave-behind marketing tool. These sell sheets take the place of numerous past sell sheets that used unrelated design layout, graphics and paper stocks and did not follow any of French’s Ingredients’ brand standards.

Creative Challenge:

  • To create a design template that follows French’s Ingredients’ brand standards and can be used on all current and future sell sheets.
  • To redesign the existing sell sheets and folder to conform to the new design template.
  • To create a folder design that utilizes the new design standard yet be generic enough to match all future collateral without knowing what future information may be inserted.

Creative Solution:

  • S571 utilized design master pages, style sheets, font hierarchy and a complimentary color palette. This made the information present itself as a self-contained and cohesive package. By doing this, all future sell sheets will match and the marketing will look as one solid unit. By following the strict guidelines of French’s graphic standards, at first glance, the viewer knows this is a French’s Ingredients product. The design emphasizes the “brand” that French’s has worked so long and hard to establish.
  • The folder uses product categories and text as graphics. This makes the design very French’s specific but not “food” specific (meat, sauces, etc.). Each product category is given equal importance. The folder design is relevant to any inserted product material produced by any of the client’s divisional offices.
S571 was responsible for conceptual design, production and project coordination.