healthy Avocado Conceptual Designs

Healthy Avocado is a Berkely based wholesaler of Mexican avocados. The website needed to introduce the company to the international market of avocado growers and buyers. The website is also used by customers to obtain accurate market information such as supply, cost and seasonal growth.

Creative Process:

  • Created multiple conceptual designs for implementation. This allowed the client to combine design elements from multiple sources to create the desired look, feel and functionality.
  • Graphic Standards: Graphic standards were created with fonts, colors and image styles. These standards will be carried throughout future marketing materials to begin the branding process.
  • Production/Development: S571 implemented the design and functionality from the conceptual design through the production process.

Client/Project Management:

  • Leading all meetings with agendas and tasks lists.
  • Informing client of project status or changes and keeping the project in scope, on schedule and on budget.
  • Coordinating vendors and acting as a “funnel” creating a seemless project with one point of contact for the client.
  • Project close out including final tweaks, invoicing and client approval for uploading to the live URL, post-mortum checklist and client survey.