IABC Bronze Quill Event

The annual IABC Bronze Quill event is to acknowledge local creative talent. All facets of the advertising, design and communication industries attend this awards and networking event. Public relations coordination and creative needs (advertisements, call for entries, reminder postcards, event invitations, event program, save the date cards and thank you notes) were completed by s571.

Creative Challenge:

  • To attract industry leaders to attend the event with eye-catching materials that are fun, professional, relevant and to cut through all the clutter of competing events.
  • To create materials and a theme attractive to a variety of specializations in the communications industry (i.e.: writers, designers, photographers, marketing specialists, etc).

Creative Solution:

S571 rode the current Olympic fever and created a sports/Olympic theme. Icons associated with the Olympics, the IABC organization and the communication industry were combined to create graphics. This includes the Olympic rings, dove, medals, the IABC quill, gold/silver/bronze awards, press proof markings and cmyk color palette. The theme carried throughout all aspects of the event from each promotional piece to the venue and guest speaker.  The design and color scheme replicated a printing proof and carried the cmyk usage into the (representational recreation of) Olympic rings. A graphic of the Olympic dove carrying the IABC quill created another recognizable image.

Budget Challenge:

Attendees and award entrees fund the event. Therefore, the budget is not known when beginning the project. All components of the event need to be produced as efficiently as possible in hopes of a profit at its conclusion. The expectation of the organization is to at least break even on this event. Making a profit is the always hope.

Budget Solution:

S571 secured many probono vendors for this event. All design, photography, printing, event presentation equipment and event prizes were donated. S571 thought outside the box and utilized contacts and secured a guest speaker. S571 assisted with securing the venue at one of our clients’ facility (The Cardinals’ Ballpark). S571 even came up with the idea to use sports equipment (golf balls, tennis balls, baseballs, etc) in  glass vases as center pieces to avoid the cost of renting decorations. The event was a success with having a small profit and increasing attendance from the previous year.

S571 Responsibilities:

S571 was the lead committee chair and was responsible for all aspects of the event, from finding volunteers, leading committee agendas, planning and executing time tables, securing probono and donated items and many other aspects leading up to the event. S571 was also responsible for the day of the event and all correspondence after the event until a new committee chair was secured. All creative projects (print, electronic, promotional and public relations) were also completed by S571.

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