“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Parkway School District Annual ReportParkway School District LogoThe 20 page annual report showcases the districts academic, social and community achievements. It is utilized as a marketing tool for prospective new homeowners to encourage residency in the district and a key publication for employee recruitment.

Creative Challenge:

To communicate the district’s the numeric assessment scores in a fun and interesting way. To showcase the achievements of each individual school, while still displaying the entire district as one cohesive and single unit.

Creative Solution:

Using photos of actual students and background images of local parks creates a very personal touch. Using the student photos also helps to communicate the district’s diversity and gives “a face” to the district. Using the theme “ Igniting a life-long passion for learning” connects the theme with the torch graphic in the Parkway logo. Exceptional achievements of district teachers and students are displayed on highlight pages creating a sense of pride, success and spirit.

Budget Challenge:

To create an eye-catching brochure that is professionally designed, yet not too “flashy” to warrant any complaints of overspending on the project.

Budget Solution:

The cost of photoshoots and stock images were eliminated by using existing photographs from other school publications and by Studio571 taking photographs at local parks. The cover was printed full color. However, the inside is duotone to minimize printing cost. The annual report appears to be more than two colors due to the clever use of duotones and reverse whites.

Schedule Challenge:

The timeframe to create the annual report was extremely tight. The project required the inclusion of reported assessment information (published in November). Distribution of final product (print and online) was due the first week in January.

Schedule Solution:

A very in-depth timeline was established at the initial start-up meeting. All parties signed off and were aware of their responsibilities. Updates and reminders were sent through out the process to alleviate any confusion and surprises.

S571 Responsibilities:

S571 was responsible for coordination of the entire process from winning the bid, theme creation, conceptual design, project coordination, production and print/online publishing.

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